The all in one solution for Molecular Diagnostics

Vivalytic brings innovation to the Molecular Diagnostic testing market. It is the result of a collaboration involving Bosch, the German technology giant, and Randox Laboratories, a global IVD company. With over 35 years experience in assaydevelopment, Randox is dedicated to improving global healthcare.


Vivalytic enables sample to answer, cartridge-based Molecular Diagnostic testing. The Vivalytic platform is capable of both Hi-Plex and Lo-Plex testing. Nucleic acid extraction, PCR amplification followed by a suite of detection methods are combined in a truly revolutionary, fully automated platform. Manual preparation, cold chain reagents and the use of
multiple devices are no longer required. No further peripherals such as a laptop, keyboard, barcode scanner or filling station are required, making Vivalytic a unique space-saving, hygienic solution for Molecular Diagnostic testing.

  • Fully Automated 
  • Unique Test Menu 
  • Ease of Use
  • Fast Test Results
  • Hi-Plex & Lo-Plex Capabilities
  • Wireless Connectivity



Vivalytic Cartridge

Powered by our Biochip Array Technology


The Vivalytic cartridges, in combination with our intelligent Biochip Array Technology, provide a revolutionary multi-analyte testing platform allowing the simultaneous detection of a wide range of targets from a single sample. This combination provides a unique platform for assessment of various biological samples in a rapid, accurate and easy to use format. Biochips are prefabricated with a planar array of oligonucleotides whose sequence has been chosen to allow detection of up to 44 pathogens from a single sample.

To ensure the quality of every test, every biochip includes internal controls sites that confirm the optimum performance of the extraction, amplification and detection steps and provide the laboratory with added confidence in every generated result.

The cartridge offers a variety of benefits to the user of the analyser which also enhances the accuracy of the test results.