RX series


The RX series of clinical chemistry analysers has been developed by Randox laboratories to meet & exceed the growing needs of clinical laboratory testing.  Robust hardware combined with intuitive software guarantees proven minimal downtime between failures, optimised workflow & the ultimate in precision, reliability and accuracy for results you can trust. The RX series guarantees flexibility, cost savings and consolidation in various laboratory settings including:

Clinical chemistry Veterinary laboratories Research organisations
Forensic toxicology Educational establishments Food and wine industry



The RX monaco is a fully automated, cost effective solution for low to mid-volume clinical chemistry testing offering the ultimate in convenience, performance and confidence.

At optimal configuration, the RX monaco performs 170 tests per hour providing cost effective, high quality testing for small to medium sized laboratories. The RX series test menu allows for complete consolidation of routine and specialised testing onto one efficient, easy-to-use platform.

For more information visit: www.randox.com/rx-monaco


Capable of running 270 photometric tests per hour and 450 tests per hour including ISEs, the RX daytona+ provides high quality testing on a compact, easy-to-use clinical chemistry analyser for accurate results you can trust.

The RX daytona+ is a bench-top, fully automated, random access clinical chemistry analyser capable of performing routine & specialised testing and emergency STAT sampling. With the world leading RX series test menu, the RX daytona+ provides excellent opportunity for consolidation and is perfect for use as a back-up analyser in the larger laboratory.

For more information visit: www.randox.com/rx-daytona-plus


Capable of running 400 photometric tests per hour and 560 tests per hour including ISEs the RX imola is a cost effective system that delivers consistent high quality results.

Capable of handling the workload of a medium to high-throughput laboratory, the RX imola provides rapid, comprehensive testing on a small footprint analyser.

The RX imola is a fully automated system with random access and STAT sampling functionality, boosting productivity and saving time when it matters most.
With extremely low maintenance and minimal reagent usage, the RX imola has no hidden costs.

For more information visit:www.randox.com/rx-imola


The RX modena presents a new class of efficiency without compromising on the reliability, accuracy and precision that the RX series is famed for.

With the capacity to run up to 1,200 tests per hour including ISE, combined with the unrivalled RX series test menu, the RX modena helps consolidate all of your assay requirements onto one intuitive platform, offering a winning combination for large, multi-disciplinary laboratories.

For more information visit: www.randox.com/rx-modena