Clinical Laboratory

Clinical Laboratory

Clinical laboratories perform diagnostic testing utilising material directly obtained from the patient such as sputum, swab samples, cerebral spinal fluid to determine what infection or illness is affecting their health. Randox Biosciences offers diagnostic solutions covering a variety of disease areas including infectious disease, inherited diseases, mutation analysis and SNP genotyping. Our latest partnership with Bosch has enabled the launch of Vivalytic, a sample to answer molecular diagnostic platform.


Vivalytic enables sample-to-answer, cartridge based molecular diagnostics powered by Randox patented Biochip Array Technology (BAT). PCR, extraction and detection are combinable in a fully automated manner with minimal sample preparation required. Manual test preparation, cold chain reagents or the use of different devices are no longer required.

No further peripherals such as a laptop, keyboard, barcode or scanner or filling station are required making the Vivalytic a spacing saving hygienic solution for your molecular diagnostics.  The sample to result process is quicker than ever with results from 2 hours, depending upon test complexity allowing healthcare professionals additional time to complete other important tasks.

Molecular Test Menu


  • Respiratory Tract Infection Array
  • Flu A/ Flu B/ RSV
  • Chronic Lung Infection Array


  • Sexually Transmitted Infection Array
  • Urinary Tract Infection Array

Hospital Acquired Infections

  • MRSA


  • ABCB1

Inherited Disease

  • Familial Hypercholesterolemia (FH) Arrays I & II

Mutation Analysis

  • KRAS, BRAF & PIK3CA* Array

SNP Genotyping

  • Cardiac Risk Prediction Array