Randox Discovery

Randox Discovery is high throughput fully automated molecular diagnostic analyser entering the market. Nucleic acid extraction, PCR amplification followed by detection by our Biochip Array Technology are combined in a truly revolutionary benchtop platform. The Discovery is capable of 3 batch runs at once with one batch consisting of 16 patient samples.

The fast turnaround time capabilities of the analyser enable you to receive your first result within three hours with results every hour after. The user can control the Randox Discovery via the onboard touchscreen as no further peripherals are required. The risk of contamination cross over is reduced as disposable tips are utilised in the test process with an onboard waste bin for used tips.

The system utilises ready to use cartridge based prefabricated reagents. 1 to 16 patient samples can be analysed simultaneously utilising Randox Biochip Array Technology. The machine is comprised of three interconnected modules with the first module performing sample extraction and purification moving onto PCR followed hybridisation to the biochip and first results reported after 3 hours.

  • Rapid turnaround time
  • High throughput
  • High multiplex capabilities
  • Wide test menu
  • Pseudo random access
  • Reduced risk of contamination

Biochip Array Technology

Powering the Randox Discovery

Randox patented Biochip Array Technology allows simultaneous detection of multiple analytes from a single sample. The biochip detection system is based on a chemiluminescent signal. This is the emission of light, without heat, as a result a chemical reaction. An enzyme is used to catalyze the chemical reaction of the biochip which generates the chemiluminescent signal.

Biochip Array Technology enables sample to answer multiplex Molecular Diagnostic testing. Every biochip-powered cartridge produces multiple test results from each patient sample. The intelligent, chemically activated 9x9mm ceramic biochip acts as a solid phase reaction surface.

The biochips are pre-fabricated with spatially discrete tests regions (DTR’s). Each DTR represents an individual test and each biochip can contain up to 44 DTRs. Each DTR can be occupied with oligonucleotides specific to a pathogen of interest. The Hi-Plex capabilities of Biochip Array Technology eliminate the need to run multiple time consuming and sample intensive PCR assays.

The biochip detection system is based on a chemiluminescent signal. This is the emission of light, without heat, due to an enzymatic chemical reaction. The light emitted from the chemiluminescent reaction that takes place in each DTR is simultaneously detected and quantified using a Charge – Coupled Device (CCD) Camera. This CCD Camera simultaneously records the light emission from all the discrete test sites on each biochip. The Randox Discovery automatically generates a result report for all targets.