Randox BioReagents have been developing and manufacturing antibodies, proteins and conjugates for over 30 years for use in Randox diagnostic kits including our patented Biochip Array Technology and ELISA testing kits. A custom development service is also available for all raw materials for biopharmaceutical and diagnostic industries. Our custom development services include polyclonal and monoclonal development, as well as our recombinant antibody fragments (sdAb, scFv, Fab).

Monoclonal Antibody

Monoclonal Antibodies

Randox Life Sciences offer over 60 monoclonal antibodies produced in sheep for use in research and commercial development. Sheep monoclonal antibodies have been shown to have higher affinities than standard mouse monoclonal antibodies and also have a much broader range of epitope recognition.

Polyclonal Antibody


Randox Life Sciences offer over 800 primary antibody products against biochemical markers, drugs of abuse and drug residues for use in both research and diagnostic development. All of our polyclonal antibodies are produced in sheep towards human and drug specific targets resulting in highly specific and sensitive antibodies suitable for a wide range of applications.

Recombinant Fragment

Recombinant Fragments

Randox Life Sciences off the shelf offering includes a range of recombinant fragments including Single Chain Variable Fragments (scFv) and Single Domain Antibodies (sdAb). As part of our offering, we also provide a custom antibody development service.

Recombinant Protein


Randox Life Sciences provide an extensive range of human recombinant proteins specific to a wide range of biochemical markers including classic and novel proteins for use in ELISA kits, control and calibrator manufacture, antibody recognition assays.. We can also supply the entire corresponding polyclonal antibody (protein pair) or conjugate for individual assay development.

Frozen Human Plasma

Human Plasma

Plasma is traditionally used for patient care although 80% of donated plasma ends up going to waste. Human plasma is ideal for the production of control and calibrator material. Reagents in biochemical assays for research and development purposes. Our frozen human plasma is available in 3 different formats:

  • Male
  • Female
  • Mixed Gender

The plasma is high screen for HIV, Hepatitis B&C, HTLV + II, Syphilis, CMV and Procleix WNV