Evidence Series

Evidence series immunoassay analyzers guarantee cost-effective, highly accurate and flexible testing solutions. Having been developed to work with patented Biochip Array Technology, this precision multiplex testing platform allows for the simultaneous quantitative or qualitative detection of a wide range of analytes from a single sample.

This multiplex system delivers an unrivaled increase in patient information, offering a more in-depth diagnostic profile with each patient sample. This further analysis places the focus on the diagnosis, and on improving patient outcomes.



Evidence Evolution



  • Fully automated immunoanalyzer
  • Throughput of up to 2640 tests per hour
  • Up to 44 analytes screened per biochip
  • Continuous sample, reagent and biochip input and output
  • True walkaway time of 2 hours
  • Revolutionary Reflex Testing
  • State of the art intuitive e-touch software
  • Advanced precision bio-drive robotics
  • 1.32m (H) x 1.2m (D) x 1.68m (W)




  • World’s first Biochip Array Technology (BAT) system
  • Fully automated analyser immunoanalyzer
  • Throughput of up to 3960 tests per hour
  • Sample capacity of 180
  • Up to 44 analytes screened per biochip
  • Dedicated software to control all on-board system operations
  • 1.7m (H) x 1m (D) x 2m (W)

 Evidence Investigator



  • Semi-automated benchtop immunoanalyzer
  • up to 2376 tests per hour
  • Up to 44 analytes screened per biochip
  • Suitable for medium throughput laboratories
  • Extremely robust with only one moving part
  • 0.75m (H) x 0.48m (D) x 0.42m (W)

 Evidence MultiSTAT



  • Fully automated benchtop immunoanalyzer
  • Up to 132 tests per hour
  • Results generated in 17 minutes
  • Up to 44 analytes screened per biochip
  • 3 steps from sample entry to results
  • No laboratory / laboratory experience required to operate
  • Suitable for use in a range of laboratory and non-laboratory settings
  • 0.59m (H) x 0.54m (D) x 0.57m (W)