Personalised medicine is the result of our increased understanding of disease complexity and variability. It is now accepted that the future of the Pharmaceutical Industry is dependent on the development of therapeutic agents that are more closely tailored to targeted patient groups or sub-groups resulting in safer drugs with enhanced therapeutic efficacy with related healthcare savings.

A key element to realising the potential for personalised medicine is in companion diagnostic (CDx) development. Randox Biosciences are committed to revolutionising healthcare by providing class-leading diagnostic, prognostic, and predictive assays.

Building on these unrivalled capabilities, Randox is engaged in companion diagnostic programs with a number of global Biopharma companies.

CDx ServicesCDx Assay Formats
• Off-the-shelf and fully customised clinical
diagnostic and biomarker reagents

• Assay development for new biomarkers

• Full Life Sciences/Biotechnology service
including monoclonal, polyclonal, antibody
fragments and recombinant protein

• Quality controls and calibrators to support
bespoke CDx assay requirements

• Full regulatory support at Randox for FDA
510k, FDA PMA, CE, cFDA and Health
Canada regulatory submissions

• Global distribution and operations in
over 145 countries ensuring no block to
commercial adoption of the CDx
With over 220 FDA cleared assays Randox
offers the full package of Diagnostic and CDx
assay development and optimisation which

• Clinical chemistry assays and analysers

• Immunoassay assays and analysers

•Immunohistochemistry antibody

• Multiplex protein and nucleic acid arrays
and analysers

These include not only single analyte
clinical chemistry based assays but multiplex
pathogen detection, mutation, SNP and gene
expression based arrays with applications
across therapeutic areas such as oncology,
immunoinflammation, CNS, infection and
cardiovascular disease.